Gas Booster unit one of the high-tech products, was produced by Ariş Enerji for the first time in Turkey and presented to the market for biogas and landfill gas power plants. It pressurises the biogas in accordance with gas engine requirements and has many sensors to control and follow up gas condition.

  • Gas Booster units supplies;
  • Gas supplyt at constant pressure 
  • Gas content inline anaylsis
  • Gas flow measurement 
  • Gas temperature measurement 
  • Gas pressure measurement
  • Technical Specifications

Gas Booster unit is manufactured in different capacities and specifications according to the needs of the facility. Complete and compact solution according to the required capacity in the container;
  • Gas blower 
  • Condensate filter 
  • Suction and discharge gas collector 
  • Measurement Sensors and transmitters
  • Inline gas analyser (CH4, CO2, H2S, O2) 
  • Control Room and control panel including frequency controller, HMI, PLC 
  • Desing and manufacturing according to Gold standarts 
  • Automation system able to communicate to every type of gas engine
Product Code: GBU
Capacity: 500 m3-12.000 m3 (Higher capacities available)
Gas Booster Unit

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