Biogas is the gas obtained by anaerobic digestion, which is a biochemical method for obtaining energy from organic wastes. It consists of methane and carbon dioxide and has a high calorific value. Since the production of biogas is mainly based on the decomposition of organic materials; vegetable wastes or animal manures can be used as the feedstock material.


The process of transformation of organic and inorganic substances in wastes into methane and carbon dioxide by anaerobic microorganisms in a non-oxygen environment. The obtained methane is burned in gas engines to produce energy. That energy is transmitted to electric network.
Ariş Enerji Inc. In this context, the services offered in line with the customer's request and demand:
  • Turnkey Biogas Power Plant
  • Turn-Key projects
  • Equipment Design, Production, Installation
  • Business Development
  • Piping, Welding and Assembly
  • Equipment and Engine Supply
  • Automation Design
  • Technical Consulting

Ariş Energy Inc. In this process, it is in a position to produce a turnkey Landfill Gas Power Plant. In addition, it designs and manufactures the equipment (Booster Unit, Gas Flare, Blower, Gas Cooler etc.)

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