Landfill gas is a mixture of different gases formed by the effect of microorganisms in the landfill. Landfill gas contains approximately 40-60% methane and 40-50% carbon dioxide. Landfill gas has an negative impact on climate change. The main components are CO2 and methane, both greenhouse gases. Methane have much more emission, and has twenty-five times more impact than carbon dioxide.

For this reason, the formation of methane gas and its control or evaluation are very important in engineering applications. By converting this methane gas into electrical energy, both the danger is eliminated and electrical energy is produced.

Electricity production from landfill gas has following phases:
Collection Of Landfill

Collection Of Landfill
Gas From Landfills

The landfill gas is collected from landfill site by means of wells drilled in to landfill. The collected gas is transmitted to energy plant with pipe system.

Treatment Of Landfill Gas

The collected landfill gas is first cooled in gas dryer system in order to reduce humidity. Then with the help of Cyclone Separator in Booster Unit, the remaining water in gas is separated. This water free purged gas is pressurized and transmitted to gas engines by Blowers. The gas composition is transiently analyzed by Gas Analyzer installed in Booster Unit.

Transformation Of Landfill
Gas Into Energy

Landfill gas is burned in gas engine and with the help of coupled generator electricity is produced and transmitted to electric network.
Transformation Of Landfill

Ariş Enerji Inc. In this context,
 the services offered in line with the customer's request and demand: 

  • Turnkey Landfill Gas Power Plant 
  • Landfill Projects 
  • Equipment Design, Production, Installation
  • Business Development  
  • Piping and Installation 
  • Equipment and Engine Supply 
  • Automation 
  • Technical Consulting

Ariş Energy Inc. In this process, it is in a position to produce a turnkey Landfill Gas Power Plant. In addition, it designs and manufactures the equipment (Booster Unit, Gas Flare, Blower, Gas Cooler etc.)

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