Gas Dryer is a system that prevents the water vapor and water in the biogas to enter to the gas engines. While considering the efficiency of the system, Gas Dryer is a unit that must be included in the process. Having a gas drying unit in a plant makes it possible to produce the electricity with 5-10% less gas.
Technical Specifications
  • Increases the efficiency of the CHP engine
  • Reduces engine oil contamination.
  • Increases the life of the absorbents.
  • Removes impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and siloxanes as a part.
  • Complies with the technical instructions of all major gas engine suppliers.
  • Integrated on the chassis, the stainless steel tubular heat exchanger chiller consists of a condensate filter.
  • Low energy need
  • Automatic discharge of condensate water from the cyclone tank is optional.
  • It can drop from 40 °C to 10 °C.
  • Prevents corrosion
Product Code: GAC
Capacity: 100 m3/h – 5.000 m3/h (Higher capacities available upon request)
Gas Drying (Cooling) System

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